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Enjoy Nerja, Hassle free!

If you are reading this, you are probably thinking on traveling to Nerja and enjoying the caresses of the Mediterranean and to be honest, we can’t blame you! It’s no accident that it is located on the Costa del Sol (Sun Coast) of Spain, a place where a perfect soft weather, a rich culture, its kind people and the exquisite gastronomy will definitely offer you one of the best holiday trips of your life.

But we understand you! Going to a foreign country, not knowing their language might be a bit frightening for some, mostly when trying to get around the region. That’s why in CheapNerjaTaxis.com we work really hard to make your stay worthwhile as we take you to those amazing places and landmarks you can’t leave without visiting first.

Of course, all of our professional drivers speak English and are highly trained to keep you and your family safe and comfortable through the whole journey, offering you top quality vehicle brands like Mercedes and more to make sure you have the right space for you, your companions and of course, your luggage and anything else you need to carry around.

The moment you set foot in Nerja, you can rest assure we will be ready and able to pick you up and take you right to your hotel or accommodation. In fact, you don’t even have to worry if your flight gets delayed as we will monitor your arrival time to make sure we will be there once you land.

Once you are all set, you can count on Cheap Nerja Taxis to arrange trips, and excursions around the region.

Places you would want to visit with Cheap Nerja Taxis

Balcony of Europe

This is one of the most popular landmark you must visit through your stay in Nerja. Why? Because is a spectacular promenade at the edge of a cliff, that will grant you the best panoramic view of the Mediterranean beaches all around the place. You cannot miss it, and our drivers will be glad to take you there.

Beaches, of course!

This is not shocker! But Nerja has some of the best beaches of the Sun Coast of Spain, with a 16 kilometers of crystal water shore to enjoy a truly Mediterranean experience. Of course, you will be able to enjoy popular activities such water skiing, sailing, scuba diving, beach sports, and much more.

Caves and prehistoric treasures

Did you know Nerja is known by its rich archeological possessions like prehistoric paintings of at least 20 thousands years old? No? Did you know those are located just 3 km away from the town center? Well, if you didn’t, now you do. Do not miss the opportunity to visit Nerja natural caves that will grant you a one life time experience.

Night and urban life

When you are done with the caves and beaches, you can ask our Cheap Nerja Taxis drivers to take you to the most recognized Cafes and Bars located all around Nerja, where you will be able to enjoy a rich night life, vibrant culture, gastronomy and you will be able to exchange with the region happy and fun residents.

A Journey through history

Now, if you wish to take a slower and more relaxing approach to knowing Nerja, you can visit some of its well renown monuments like the Church of El Salvador, built around the 17th century or the Gardens of Capistrano, a road of beautiful gardens that will lead you right to the beach

Rich Gastronomy

Did you know Mediterranean food is considered one of the most delicious and healthy diets around the globe? Well, that’s exactly what you will find in the many restaurants around the city. Some of the top restaurants we recommend are Oliva Restaurant, Tapas Plaza, María Bonita, Vitaliano Da Cristina, Restaurant 34 and many more. You can always ask our Cheap Nerja Taxis drivers for suggestions!

Festivities and holidays!

Now, if you are planning to travel to Nerja, you might want to take note of these festivals and holidays that will make great times to visit the region so you can enjoy an even richer Mediterranean experience.

  • Three Kings - 5th January
  • Carnival - February
  • Semana Santa - March/April
  • San Isidro - 15th May
  • San Juan - 23/24 June
  • Virgin Del Carmen - 16th July
  • Feria - Second week in October Thur to Sun/Mon

Why choose Cheap Nerja Taxis?

Now that you are convinced into visiting the beautiful town of Nerja (We hope that’s the case), you must know that as quick as you plan your trip, you can already book our exclusive transportation service, thanks to our automated booking service.

And don’t worry, we will pick you up at the Málaga Airport, Harbors, train stations and more, you just let us know and we will arrange it. You will be able to book transportation for yourself, your important one, or your whole family if you wish as we offer you vehicles that go from a 1-4 passenger taxi, up to microbuses and minibuses up to 15 passengers.

If you are travelling with kids and babies, we offer you especial Child&Baby seats free of charge as long as you request it at the time you are booking our services. The payment for our service is due at the arrival to your destination; you can pay our driver either in cash or with credit card.

You can trust Cheap Nerja Taxis because we have been in the tourism service industry for more than 15 years. We have achieved success because we always guarantee an efficient and professional service to all of our customers 24 hours a day, all year around.

So, what are you waiting to visit Nerja? Plan your trip and book our service at